Kick Start 2013 - Katie's Diary

Posted by : Friday, February 8, 2013

Kick Start 2013 is an 8 week fitness & nutrition plan designed by our resident fitness expert Michael Lindsay. The programme combines high intensity exercise with a guided nutrition plan, inspiration and support!

Before Christmas 2012 we ran a competition to find one lucky winner to take part in this programme which is usually only available exclusively to members.  Katie Fitzgerald is our lucky winner and will be updating our fans each week on her progress.

Katie, a GP practice nurse and mother of two, will be sharing her progress in this blog each week. Mum to Luke, 2 years old and Lily, 7 months, Katie is keen to boost her fitness. I have a family wedding in March and I also want to get back into running - I used to be very active before the kids came along; as well as running, I played badminton competitively and also played tag rugby and tennis.

Wishing her all the very best of luck and support.

Katie’s Diary – Week 1 "Well first week down and I already feel the benefit. The hard work has really paid off as after Saturday mornings weigh in I was delighted to hear that I had lost 3.5kg. the kick start programme is tough but made easier by the group setting and Michael our instructor. He doesn't shout or bark orders but he constantly encourages us and makes us work hard. It’s not just exercise but Michael has given us a diet plan to follow too. It makes it easier having ideas of what to make for dinner and now I have the whole family following it too. I know it’s only the first week but I can't wait for Monday evening already. Here goes week two"

Katie's Diary - Week 2 "Two weeks down and feeling the difference now. Following the diet was difficult at first but that was because I  cut down on carbs. Like most mums, I never really had time for breakfast or lunch so I ate in the evening. Now I have my porridge for breakfast, wrap for lunch and a healthy dinner. I organise my food for the next day the evening before, so I have no excuses. The boot camp is going great. It constantly changes so there's no chance of getting bored. I thought it would be difficult doing it 3 times a week, but I look forward to it now. I lost another 1.5kg (3.3lbs) this week so I'm delighted. I can feel my fitness improving and although the classes are difficult at the time I feel great at the end of it."

Katies's Diary - Week 3 "Nearly half way through the program and still enjoying every session. They are getting tougher but I can feel my fitness improving every week. I lost another 2lbs this week , which means I am nearly at a stone down in three weeks. I gave Michael's Kettle Bell class on Wednesday a go and loved it. A very different work out to the intense cardio work out of boot camp but I can definitely say I felt the effect on Thursday morning!!! So with the half way point almost here I'm even more determined than ever to keep losing the pounds. I am starting to really feel the difference in my clothes now which is a real motivation to keep going"

Katie's Diary - Week 4 "Half way through our eight week programme and I feel great!!! I have now lost over a stone (15.4 lbs) in total but more importantly I've lost 6% body Fat and a total of nearly 8 inches in all the main body areas. Micheal is constantly changing the work outs so we never get bored. In addition to our bootcamp sessions I am doing Michael's kettle bell class on Wednesdays. It is a totally different type of workout but I really feel the effects the next day. I'm hooked!! Only 4 weeks left and I'm going to redouble my efforts to make the most of the opportunity that The Europe Hotel & Resort have so kindly afforded me."

Katie's Diary - Week 5 "Well the weeks are flying by now and it's amazing how quick you can get used to exercise being a major part of your life again. Although there are times on the cold rainy nights when I'd prefer to sit by the fire, there is no better feeling than the high when we finish our session at boot camp!! It's definitely getting tougher but my fitness has improved so much. Another 2lbs down this week and I'm really starting to feel it in my clothes now. That puts me at over 17lbs down altogether in 5 weeks. Only 3 weeks left so really plan on giving it my all."

Katie's Diary - Week 6 “Its nearing the end with only two weeks to go and the kick-start program that Michael designed has really changed me. The exercise sessions are getting harder every week but it keeps us interested and makes us work hard. Like a lot of people at this time of year I succumbed to a bad respiratory infection over the weekend so I missed out on my Saturday session. It’s amazing how you can get used to exercise being so part of your life that I hate missing out on any sessions. Delighted with myself to know that I've lost a further 2 lbs this week (total loss to date: 19lbs).”

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